Don't expect your photos from acacia shanklin photography

Melbourne, Victoria 2 comments
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Despite a good looking website and photos this photographer needs to learn that being a professional means giving clients their pictures on time.Photographer states a certain time frame but then doesn't deliver despite emails or attempts to contact her.

Apart from slow delivery usually doesn't respond back or inform of a new time frame. She just disappears and ignores your questions.

Doesn't have a proper studio as it's in her house and usually has other people present at the time of shooting.doesn't openly inform customers of at home studio.

Review about: Lenses Purchase.



Completely asinine that anyone would complain.This photographer is amazing.

She worked with an entire group of child models on limited time and nailed it. She was extremely professionals. The space used to shoot is lovely. Regardless to the opinion of ONE client I have to say my experience was absolutely wonderful.

Highly reccomend using Acacia.Five stars!

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #889884

Am so with you.All packaging, but no substance -- and at the very least, can waste a lot of your valuable time and energy.

She freelances as a home photographer for AirBnB. Comes into your home, takes up your time, and disappears without every delivering the photos.

Reportedly won't respond even to AirBnB queries.(so I'm assuming after this, she won't have that gig).

Bad news all around.Stay away, stay far away.

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